2 course reworks

Missing classes and negative seminar's marks are held every day, except Friday, from 16.00 to 18.00 according to the schedule in Google Meet by the duty teacher.

TO BE ABLE TO REWORK, THE STUDENT MUST JOIN the link during first 15 minutes

It is mandatory to have a document proving your identity.

Monday :

Demidenko Y. - https://meet.google.com/imf-hkjn-bot

Gruzd V. - https://meet.google.com/znb-xemv-qtk?authuser=1

Tuesday :

Rutgaizer V. - https://meet.google.com/peu-rgdv-pfq

Kovalchyk A. - https://meet.google.com/zpr-aodj-gek

Wednesday :

Shevchenko I. - https://meet.google.com/btw-tizr-cdt

Kushnareva V. - https://meet.google.com/mrz-knmd-jmo

Thursday :

Zharikov M. - https://meet.google.com/jeh-rabz-xjp